Pow Wow #0 is a meta-event. It establishes a primary meeting point,
reflection, and organization around what could be the Black Bivouac 2021,
imagined by the ♜ Kings Of Unknown Kingdom ♜.

The actions of the K.U.K. - an international group made up of different collectives and independent members - participate in the opening of unrestricted physical or psychological zones. Their gathering at the Black Bivouac 2021 - an autonomous and ephemeral enclave erected in the heart of the forest - will take place in two stages. Starting with a residence to unite the K.U.K. and their current works, followed by a closing ceremony of several days and nights to broadcast and celebrate the ensemble of their productions, open the zone.

Pow Wow #0 is also the opportunity for Croatan Edition to publish the story of freight train journeys of the latest K.U.K. recruits : Les Enfants Disparus.

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Thanks to : Disparate,