On August 29th 2015 took place the second stop of Expedition, micro-editions festival at Grnnnd Zero in Lyon.

Croatan Edition was invited there to present books and to create with The Fourth Dimension and Life As Art As Attitude a temporary town to host the event. After checked some books, visited L.A.A.A.A.'s room, drank beer at the bar and watched Fin from Robin Lachenal, visitors partied till early morning on this full moon night.

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Thanks to : Stéphane Deplan, Mogly, Red Lebanese,
Colin Johnco, Kpk+Mtua, Nolie, Shit, Steven Marcato, Clarence, Robin Lachenal,
Etienne Guimond, Amaya, Coco, Hugo… and everybody else we forgot !
Special thanks to Expedition & Grnnnd Zero crews.